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Data backup and Recovery Services

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Strategies to Avoid Loss from Mishaps!

Safeguard your data with the perfect solution that will save your business.

Plan – Prepare – Protect

Data is the lifeblood of every business. Readily accessible and properly maintained business data is crucial for every business since it dictates the success of modern businesses. That said, the consequences of data loss have never been more severe. This is where data backup and disaster recovery services enter the picture. 


WebOum technology offers data backup and disaster recovery solutions that are cost-effective, secure, simple and scalable. The best part of leveraging our data protection services is that they can easily be integrated with on-premises data protection solutions. 


Loss of data is unpredictable and can occur at any point in time. In cases of accidentally deleting your data, service disruption, and corruption of data, we can help you recover crucial business data in a timely manner with the help of our expert data recovery services.

Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Services You Can Trust!

Our services encompass a set of policies, tools, and the latest technologies that enable us to recover lost data effortlessly. Fully managed data recovery solutions are offered to protect your business from all possible threats.


Our team of data specialists perform thorough and timely backups and create robust safeguard processes to ensure that your irreplaceable data is protected. 


We offer backup and data recovery solutions by combining a host of data recovery processes into a single service. All your needs related to business data are covered under our data recovery services.

Backup and Recovery IT Services You Can Rely On

We offer design, storage, monitoring, testing, failover, restoration assistance, reporting and much more. All your data needs are covered and we ensure the complete safety of your valuable data.


Preparing against disasters requires an in-depth understanding of the policies, backup procedures, and tools to assist in the smooth recovery of data and the continuation of the business.

Check Out Some Amazing Features of our Disaster Recovery and Backup Services

Real-Time Monitoring:

Confidently scale your business with protective data backup monitoring services with restoration and human backed intervention. Periodic reporting, without having to do it yourself.

Peace of Mind:

Data backups combine the entire procedure of data recovery in a single service. We offer design, storage, monitoring, testing, assistance, reporting, failover and more.

Instant Recovery:

Thefts? Extensive loss of power? Fire? No worries; our instant data recovery services deploy in minutes. We have an exact clone of your server in our system so that your team can start working again rapidly.

End-to-End Encryption:

Backups by our IT team offers built-in end-to-end encryption, to give you the ability to encrypt data files at source.

The IT landscape is surfacing swiftly, but we are ready to help. Contact us today and get your needs served.