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Business Intelligence Software Development Services

Business Intelligence Software Development

As Business Intelligence (BI) software developers continue to advance the technology’s ability to automate mission-critical decisions, enterprises that fail to invest will find themselves unable to catch up to their more modern competitors. We expertly program and implement BI solutions for market forecasting, trend analysis and operations optimization.

End-to-End BI Services

Our developers provide comprehensive BI software development services. We use Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology to facilitate multi-dimensional analyses of big data from multiple sources. To further aid in consolidating your organization's data and processes, we leverage vendor-neutral Service-Oriented Architectures. We also provide integration and customization services for BI software from Informatica, PowerBI, QlikSense and others.

BI Data Warehouse Solutions

We provide Business Intelligence (BI) data warehouse services, including the engineering of central repositories, to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) data from disparate platforms and applications. We can seamlessly construct multiple nodes for data aggregation, securing the data clusters safely in the cloud or on-premises databases for to data mining, filtering and cleansing.

BI Platform Services

We build custom BI solutions for desktops, mobile devices and browser apps, complete with personalized and customizable business intelligence dashboards that offer real-time visibility on KPIs. For example, we can develop Logi Analytics Solutions with relational database configuration such as MySQL and Oracle. Our custom BI platforms include features like big data processing, predictive analytics, decision support, benchmarking and employee scorecards, data drill-downs, workflow planning and much more.

Cloud Business Intelligence Solutions

We ensure industry compliance, governance and security protocols are built into all of the business intelligence technologies we develop. We deploy cloud-based applications using container architecture for light weight app development. Our SaaS provides businesses with configuration of various business intelligence technologies and tools such as Microsoft Power Bi, Domo, Tableau, Pentaho, Qlik, SAP BI and Logi Analytics.

BI Reporting Solutions

Our developers effortlessly integrate BI solutions into your existing IT infrastructure for:
Our BI data visualization software creates data rich displays such as tables, charts, candlesticks, gauges, diagrams, maps and more.

BI Implementation and Support Services

SAP Business Objects

Our developers use the BusinessObjectives platform to tailor custom data solutions. We integrate data bases with SAP explorer to provide quick and easy data queries and visualization reporting.


Our custom Domo software solutions provides users with immediate data reporting and visualizations tool. Domo allows SQL–like queries and the import and export of CSV, JSON and XML files.

Logi Analytics

Our BI engineers develop data solutions modules using Logi Analytics. We organize and present data from tailored Logi dashboards designed to provide end users with a rapid data solutions and analytics.

IBM Congos

Our programmers use the IBM Congos suite to migrate data and implement BI software modifications. We use the Congos Query Studios to provide users with a single point of access for all of their reporting.

Oracle Business Intelligence

Our talented developers provide Oracle Business Intelligence solutions that ranges between back up data and recovery to customized dashboard configurations. We integrate databases with Oracles BI reporting tools.

Power BI

We customize PowerBI software as an analysis solution of big data. We Implement analysis automations for reporting and data visualizations across all desktop and mobile platforms.


Apache Hadoop is a collection of open-source software utilities that facilitate using a network of many computers to solve problems involving massive amounts of data and computation. It provides a software framework for distributed storage and processing of big data using the MapReduce programming model.